About Us

All American Construction and Remodeling

All American is a full service interior design and interior remodeling company with over 25 years experience in kitchens, bathrooms, additions, floor plan reconfigurations, and similar projects.

Our craftsmen have extensive experience with all facets of interior design and remodeling, and work closely with architects, vendors, and homeowners to ensure delivery of quality work for any project.

Our services include:
Basic remodeling including kitchens, baths, handicap baths, living rooms and dens, closets, floor plan reconfigurations.
Interior design and installation using customer selected materials and motifs. Selection of furnishings and color/material schemes for specific effects ( an Italian villa with steam bath, for example).
Installation of patios, walkways, foyers, and entryways that complement the overall design and format of a given project.
Selection and supply of project specific or Period/Culture specific materials such as doors,windows,trim,stone, wood, or other materials. Matching of existing materials as part of renovations or restorations.

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